Beyonce Faked Pregnancy Rumor

The web is on fire with these Blue Ivy rumors, here’s one that claims she was never pregnant at all, and that  a surrogate mother delivered the baby so that Beyonce wouldn’t “ruin” her body. The claim includes images from a performance just weeks before her VMA announcement where she lacks any baby bump at all. Then there is an interview where she sits down and you can see the bump folding over. Then they break down the timing of the whole thing and how the conception in Paris wasn’t at the correct time, and so forth. I’m not sure how much weight I put into this whole thing, this Blue Ivy stuff might be a stretch of a conspiracy.

To add to all of that, Fox News had an article that discussed a hospital probe into Beyonce and Jay’s Takeover (no pun intended, get it- Jay-Z-Takeover? lol) over an entire hospital floor. They reportedly paid $1M to rent out the entire floor and loaded it up with guards. I still don’t know how nefarious any of this is, they are quite famous and rich. What’s messed up is that they blocked off the neonatal unit for hours so that parents couldn’t see their babies. The article goes on to say that only 7 out of 10 parents interviewed suffered this injustice. Take what you want from all of this, here’s a quote about their hospital stay:

“Once they checked in there was high security everywhere,” she said Monday. “It looked like the president was on our floor. The hospital’s security cameras were taped over. Internal windows from the hallways into the ward were blacked out.”

Here’s the images of the lack of baby bump and the “foldover” of the bump.


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