David Icke and Charles Manson Related Theories

Interesting read that compares David Icke’s reptilian theory with Charles Manson’s Death Valley excursion. Icke claims these reptilians live underground that will come to surface to take over the world. Manson told his followers that he knew of a hole in Death Valley that would lead them to the center of the Earth. Could this hole be one of the entrances to the underground reptilian world? There is a similar theory in the Black Mountains of Australia-as seen on the Ancient Aliens show.



8 Craziest Movie Cult Leaders

Countdown of best eight cult leaders in film. They missed Children of the Corn somehow though…


Amish Cult Leader Denied Bail

Amish cult leader- Sam Mullet and affiliates were denied bail. They are in jail for breaking into other Amish homes and holding down the men and cutting their beards off. Sam had a propensity for beating those who disagreed with him and made some members sleep in chicken coops outside for several days in the winter. The FBI tracked him down in Ohio.



Movie About Cult Escapee “Martha Marcy May Marlene”

Fictional film getting great reviews. Stars Elizabeth Olson (younger sister to the famous Olson twins) as a young woman who gets lured into a cult only to get cold feet and run away.


Manson Girls movie begins shooting

BloodyDisgusting.com posted an update regarding this new Manson film that focuses on the girls involved in the murders.


Tex Watson parole info

Charles Manson accomplice Tex Watson denied parole again.

He tried for old lucky number 14, just to get denied again. He’s a born again Christian and has his own website where you can read more about his transformation.