Charles Manson in Solitary Confinement

Manson was sentenced to 15 months of solitary because of his possession of an eyeglass frame that he was using for making crafts. He is now 77 years old and will most likely never see the outside of his jail cell. He is up for parole in April, 2012.

More information regarding the confinement and even a petition is here:

I’m not supporting the man, just posting the news because I find the case intriguing 🙂


New Sharon Tate Family Book

To piggyback off that last Manson post, there is a new book coming out next week written by Sharon Tate’s family. It addresses the Manson murders, but is mostly about Sharon. Here’s the plot line from Amazon:

The gruesome murders of the beautiful and talented actress Sharon Tate, her unborn child and four others that same night at the hands of the notorious “Manson family” rocked the nation. As one of the most horrific crimes in modern history, these atrocities, the trial and the subsequent conviction of Charles Manson and his followers caused a media sensation, spawning movies, documentaries and bestselling books, including the classic Helter Skelter. A defining moment in an era otherwise associated with radical peace, love and understanding, this incident is one that still resonates with millions today.

Yet while this crime left an indelible mark on society’s consciousness, it was, first and foremost, a shattering personal tragedy for those closest to Sharon—the loving family left to cope with the emotional devastation of her loss. Now, after nearly forty years, their story is finally revealed.

Compiled by close family friend Alisa Statman and Sharon’s niece Brie Tate, Restless Souls draws on a wealth of material including interviews with the Tates, personal letters, tape recordings, home movies, public interviews, private journals, and official documents to provide a powerful, poignant, and affecting four-decade, three-generation memoir of crime and punishment, anguish and hope, rage and love, that is both a chronicle of death and a celebration of life.

Extending beyond all previous accounts, Restless Souls is the most revealing, riveting, and emotionally raw account not just of these heinous murders, the hunt and capture of the killers and the behind-the-scenes drama of their trials, but of the torment victims families’ endure for years in the wake of such senseless violence.

Tate family members set the record straight, correcting media misinformation and delving well beyond the official storyline to provide information, much of it available for the first time. Intimate, honest, and heartfelt, Restless Souls remarkable details, including :

  • the dramatic role Sharon’s father, P. J., a retired army intelligence officer, played in finding his daughter’s murderers
  • the reaction P. J. had when he came face to face—alone—with Sharon’s convicted killer in a holding room during a parole hearing
  • the threats and menace that extended beyond prison walls, haunting the victim’s family for generations later
  • the fight Sharon’s mother, Doris, mounted to insure the rights of victims’ loved ones, particularly the right to make an ‘impact statement’ at parole hearings—a legacy that has helped keep dangerous criminals behind bars
  • the battles Sharon’s sister, Patti, waged with the entertainment industry as she tirelessly worked to prevent artists from glorifying her sister’s killers in music, art, and films

Told from the Tate’s extraordinary perspective Restless Souls offers a rare glimpse at the post-trauma survival of a family and their journey to find justice and ultimately, peace—a glimpse that couldn’t be more timely as Charles Manson comes up for parole again in 2012.

Ike Met Aliens on Holloman AFB

Author Timothy Good (has clout as a former U.S. Congress and Pentagon consultant) is making the rounds, claiming that he knew for fact that President Eisenhower met with aliens at least three separate times on Holloman AFB in New Mexico. At first they were Nordic aliens, then Greys. The comments happened on BBC2’s Opinionated show, hosted by Frank Skinner.

Charles Manson Play in Los Angeles

At the MET Theater in L.A. you can see a play that poses that Charles Manson might’ve been friends with Abigail Foldger. Here’s the description from the website:

Jill Charlotte Thomas’ new play California Dreamin’ explores the events leading up to the Manson family murders of 1969 and suggests a friendship between Charles Manson and coffee heiress and murder victim Abigail Folger. This alternative theory of what led up to the brutal attacks on 10050 Cielo Drive suggests that the killings may not have entirely random, that the attackers may have known their victims and that there was a cover-up to protect Folger’s reputation. MET Artistic Director L. Flint Esquerra directs the production.

Blue UFO Filmed in Utah

UFO Caught on film in American Fork, Utah. Closest theories are that it’s just R.C. airplanes or paragliders.

Steve Jobs FBI Probe

Steve Jobs was being considered for an appointment under George Bush and subsequently underwent and FBI background check. They found some unfavorable minor information, but what is interesting is that several friends said that he wasn’t the most honest person and that “Jobs will twist the truth and distort reality in order to achieve his goals.” Interesting, considering the image that Apple still pushes today with its trendy “zen-like” designs when they couldn’t be anything further from being ethically built at the sweatshop in China.–to-achieve-his-goals/2012/02/09/gIQAWJfU1Q_story.html

Transhumanism in Music Industry

The music industry is marketed towards the youth, and this is done on purpose. Whether or not there is an Illuminati secret agenda doesn’t really matter, what matters is that there is definitely something going on that influences our culture and people from the most impressionable young ages. One of the newer trends is in pushing the cyborg, transhumanism movement. Ray Kurzweil has written several books on this subject and they discuss the future of our world in which robots merge with humans to move our evolutionary process along. It’s obvious that technology is advancing at an ever increasing, exponential rate (see Moore’s Law), but what happens when we perfect technology to the point that it can become self aware and replicate itself? Kurzweil discusses this topic in the world of nanotechnology. Once we create nanobots that are able to self replicate, we’ll be able to implant them into our bodies to augment our physiological processes and keep an eye out for, and destroy any cancers or diseases (see RNA Interference).

Kurzweil also predicts that we’ll be able to implant internet accessible systems in our head so that we can surf the web through simple thoughts with a small screen implanted in our cornea to view the screen.

With all of this being said, there is a push by the entertainment industry to “normalize” these cyborgs and human/robot hybrids. The subconscious is learning and seeing things that our conscious brain does not. Just because they’re not overtly yelling, “Hey, augmenting your human body with robotic parts is ok!” doesn’t mean that it’s not happening. Our brain filters out up to 99% of what’s going on around us. Carl Jung was a psychoanalyst who spoke of synchronistic events, where you are able to basically shape your world through your thoughts (see Synchronicity, or the works of Carl Jung) Children are able to project themselves into an imaginary world when they play with toys and as they get older that imagination begins to fade away. The music industry appeals to this younger audience and seeks to grab their imagination so that they can influence their subconscious by way of repeated mantras. Keep an eye out on music videos, artwork, and album covers. Not only will you see the Illuminati symbolism, but you’ll notice a theme of robotic humans.

Illuminati favorite, Beyonce:

Lady Gaga:

And a mix of others:

I don’t know how much it really matters, for all I know being half human half robot might be great, but the silent push towards this agenda is happening all around us and it feels creepy because it’s being done without discussion.

London Thames Estuary UFO Footage

Nice video, but I agree with the comments on the story be suspicious. This person said that they had to move their car ‘cuz of where they were parked. C’mon fella, if you saw a for real UFO like this you wouldn’t be moving nowhere. But nonetheless, here’s the video:

Antarctica Lake Could Expose Global Threatening Bacteria

The February 2nd, 2012 episode of Coast to Coast radio show had a discussion on this Lake Vostok situation in Antarctica. Russian scientists have been drilling through two miles of the continent for over twenty years in order to reach this lake that hasn’t been exposed to the atmosphere in over 20 million years. The problem is that this lake is capable of containing frozen microbes and life forms that we’ve never seen before. The lake is not frozen, it is in fact liquid, and C2C talked about its potential to be an Atlantis type world. Another fact to support this Atlantis theory is that there is a magnetic anomaly in a part of this lake that could be caused by an accumulation of metals, such as the ruins of an ancient city. Another interesting note is that in the X-Files movie the storyline featured an alien spacecraft found in a very similar coordinate.

To make this story even more interesting, they believe a cache of Hitler’s archives are inside of a Nazi bunker around the same area. This was discussed in Ancient Aliens tv show also. It was rumored that Hilter and Eva Braun’s remains were brought to Antarctica to be frozen so their DNA could later be used to make clones. Hitler was interested in the occult and was rumored to have been searching for proof of the Hollow Earth Theory. The frozen poles could be covering a hole that leads us into a hollow earth (meaning there is really no hot magma like we believe). Some believe there is the potential for life to exist at various layers of the shells of earth. Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth gave us a description of what it could be like.

Video for Ancient Aliens/Hollow Earth talk-featuring a little cameo by my hero, David Childress:

Mitt Romney Bashing Video

At around 2:38 mark they start discussing his views on the Federal Reserve and Ben Barnanke, but the rest is mostly flip-floppy stuff, and his assertion that he signed the tax pledge.

What’s the “tax pledge?” It’s the agreement signed by many Republicans (Jon Huntsman was one who didn’t, but most all others have) that basically states they’ll NEVER RAISE taxes. Which is what it is, nobody likes taxes, but to just set a firm stance like that with no budging seems a bit stubborn. More on the pledge by Grover Nordquist: