Patrice O’Neal (R.I.P.) Footage From Alex Jones Show

Patrice O’Neal, one of my absolute favorite comedians on many levels, passed away yesterday. Here is a video from his appearance on Alex Jones in 2010. Patrice used to crack jokes about 9/11 eventually becoming a normal holiday like Memorial Day, etc. with parades and such. Here he breaks down all kinds of stuff with Alex.

If you watch the part two of this series, at 12:40, Patrice makes an enlightening point regarding the elite. He discusses how the elite come up addicted to respect because they don’t get it 100% of the time since everyone doesn’t recognize them (like they would with famous who get respect all of the time since everyone knows who they are). I’m probably butchering that point, so just go watch it and see what I’m talking about 🙂

Part 3 at 4:10’ish Alex discusses the history of gun control and how originally it was set up to prevent African-American people from owning guns, which I can vouch for because I had just read an article in the Atlantic magazine a couple months ago regarding this history of gun laws in our country. It’s interesting because gun control is considered a liberal/democrat stance, which generally gets the larger amount of the African-American vote. Just another example of the circular nature of politics (at the extreme left and extreme right wings they end up meeting each other, it’s a circle, not a line).


Tonight on Coast to Coast AM Radio

Head of the Enterprise Mission, Richard Hoagland will discuss the latest unmanned attempts to reach Mars. He’ll also talk about NASA’s “Curiosity” rover, and the inner Martian moon and the possibility it’s more likely to be “an ancient ET spaceship” than an actual natural moon.Richard Hoagland wrote the book “Dark Mission” and this should be a good show. Here’s an interview from an older C2C show with Hoagland regarding NASA:

CNBC Guest Drops Illuminati Term

CNBC talk show about Dow Jones features guest who verbally expresses that Illuminati and Hank Paulson are reason for economic problem. This video is a couple years old, contrary to what this website claims.

Sirhan Sirhan’s Newest Appeal on Basis of Brainwash

Sirhan Sirhan is appealing (again) his murder conviction of Robert Kennedy from 1968. The defense claims one of the bullets used in evidence was switched, and they also claim Sirhan was hypnotized (C.I.A.’s MK Ultra??…) before the shots were fired. They provided experts to back this fact up. They claim Sirhan was a distraction for the real killer. They also posted evidence of 13 shots being fired, which is five more than what Sirhan’s gun had capacity for.

David Icke’s Illuminati Prediction for 2012

David Icke suggests Newt Gingrich is the next go-to man for the Illuminati team for President in 2012. He claims he is a secret Rothchild Zionist (remember-Icke claims to be anti-zionist; not anti-semetic because he believes the Jewish people are being deceived by the Zionist/Illuminati also). Newt apparently switched over to Catholicism to become a member of Opus Dei also.

Alex Jones Conspiracy??

Video footage of Alex Jones disrupting a Libertarian rally and a video put together that implies Alex Jones is a bad guy. I’ve always thought he had a Republican/fear mongering attitude, but this makes me question his motives even more…

Ridley Scott Alien prequel- Prometheus

In case you haven’t caught up on this yet, Prometheus is in the works and Ridley Scott is implying that it could possibly be a prequel to Alien. It will be out June 2012.

Alien skull found in Peru

This mummified skull was found in Peru and so far looks to be solid evidence of an alien existence on our planet. The eye cavities are enlarged, and anthropologists can’t identify it as of yet. It also has the enlarged skull (discussed on Ancient Aliens all of the time).

Aliens could exist on Titan

Scientist ranked the most likely places extraterrestrial life could be located, and Saturn’s moon, Titan, had the highest Planet Habitability Index value at 0.64, then Mars at 0.59. The article explains the factors involved in the equation, and other indices used.

Ron Paul’s responses

Last night, the Republican candidates had a debate and someone compiled all of Ron Paul’s responses in this youtube clip. Brought to you by way of Alex Jones’ site:

Ron Paul is being mentioned on this site because he is known for his his pro-individual rights stance, and his appearances on Alex Jones. He ‘s somewhat popular in the conspiracy theory circles. He also had Jesse Ventura as a running partner awhile back, I’m not sure if that’s still the case or not.