Cities of the Underworld: Land of Manson

Three in a row, why not.

This actually has a bit on the Battle of Los Angeles and its UFO theories.


Ike Met Aliens on Holloman AFB

Author Timothy Good (has clout as a former U.S. Congress and Pentagon consultant) is making the rounds, claiming that he knew for fact that President Eisenhower met with aliens at least three separate times on Holloman AFB in New Mexico. At first they were Nordic aliens, then Greys. The comments happened on BBC2’s Opinionated show, hosted by Frank Skinner.

Blue UFO Filmed in Utah

UFO Caught on film in American Fork, Utah. Closest theories are that it’s just R.C. airplanes or paragliders.

London Thames Estuary UFO Footage

Nice video, but I agree with the comments on the story be suspicious. This person said that they had to move their car ‘cuz of where they were parked. C’mon fella, if you saw a for real UFO like this you wouldn’t be moving nowhere. But nonetheless, here’s the video:

David Hatcher Childress Videos

I love this guy, he’s right up there with Giorgio Tsoukalos as one of the best voices in ancient alien theory today. Two videos here-first one is just comedy, second one is a lecture. That second one is ultra low budget, but it’s hard to find a lot of Childress videos.

New Prometheus Images

Psychics Claim Apollo 16 Saw Aliens

Psychics using remote viewing techniques out of Austin, TX claim they can see the remnants of alien life that the Apollo 16 crew also saw while on the moon. They are nominating the Apollo 16 crew for the Congressional Space Medal of Honor, but as a requirement they must be allowed to discuss what they saw.

Life on Venus

A Soviet probe sent to Venus in 1982 took pictures of what appears to be life on the planet. A Russian scientist, Prof Ksanfomaliti, says there is a scorpion shaped body, a disc, and a black flap. The Moscow Space Research Institute and some others are saying otherwise in the article.

UFO Sounds Could be Hoax

UFODigest has a write up saying that the sounds could be a hoax using audio from the War of the Worlds and Clash of the Titans films.


Video of UFOs on Moon