Transhumanism in Music Industry

The music industry is marketed towards the youth, and this is done on purpose. Whether or not there is an Illuminati secret agenda doesn’t really matter, what matters is that there is definitely something going on that influences our culture and people from the most impressionable young ages. One of the newer trends is in pushing the cyborg, transhumanism movement. Ray Kurzweil has written several books on this subject and they discuss the future of our world in which robots merge with humans to move our evolutionary process along. It’s obvious that technology is advancing at an ever increasing, exponential rate (see Moore’s Law), but what happens when we perfect technology to the point that it can become self aware and replicate itself? Kurzweil discusses this topic in the world of nanotechnology. Once we create nanobots that are able to self replicate, we’ll be able to implant them into our bodies to augment our physiological processes and keep an eye out for, and destroy any cancers or diseases (see RNA Interference).

Kurzweil also predicts that we’ll be able to implant internet accessible systems in our head so that we can surf the web through simple thoughts with a small screen implanted in our cornea to view the screen.

With all of this being said, there is a push by the entertainment industry to “normalize” these cyborgs and human/robot hybrids. The subconscious is learning and seeing things that our conscious brain does not. Just because they’re not overtly yelling, “Hey, augmenting your human body with robotic parts is ok!” doesn’t mean that it’s not happening. Our brain filters out up to 99% of what’s going on around us. Carl Jung was a psychoanalyst who spoke of synchronistic events, where you are able to basically shape your world through your thoughts (see Synchronicity, or the works of Carl Jung) Children are able to project themselves into an imaginary world when they play with toys and as they get older that imagination begins to fade away. The music industry appeals to this younger audience and seeks to grab their imagination so that they can influence their subconscious by way of repeated mantras. Keep an eye out on music videos, artwork, and album covers. Not only will you see the Illuminati symbolism, but you’ll notice a theme of robotic humans.

Illuminati favorite, Beyonce:

Lady Gaga:

And a mix of others:

I don’t know how much it really matters, for all I know being half human half robot might be great, but the silent push towards this agenda is happening all around us and it feels creepy because it’s being done without discussion.

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  1. Can’t wait to see your post for…. as their featured guest blogger!!

  2. Michael Kay

     /  March 6, 2012

    Thanks for a very interesting post! I feel the singularity arguments don’t quite sit with me, and I am very sceptical because of the emphasis on inevitability. I do not believe anything about technological change, development or proliferation is inevitable, rather it is very much dependent on human choices, and the power and authority of groups of individuals to make manifest their vision for the future, even at the expense of the visions or views of others. When people observe that technology appears to have its own impetus or inertia, I believe what they are really noticing is their dislike of the influence a certain other group of people seems to have over their everyday lives. I have recently written about the singularity on my own blog (, and would welcome any comments or thoughts.

    Thanks again!


  3. sophie Reid

     /  April 28, 2012

    This is clear to me that this transhumanism is one of ther plan to control the population ; minds controls and we are gonna be ther puppets ! The technologies. Is growing way too fast : we now eat some vegetable with dna from fish , or just read about HAARP , Nanotech , the secret governement stole the reserch of Nicola Tesla and they use all this against us ;( 2 pac rest in peace : Killuminati ; kill the illuminati )


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