Icke on The Moore Show

David Icke was on The Moore Show on December 20th, 2011. Icke covers a lot of familiar material. The origins of his “gift”(his meeting with Psychic Betty Shine who provided his initial step on his journey), the conspiracy of the interbreeding transnational corporation of secret society networks (corporations with subsidiaries that push the agenda at more local levels through introduction of legislation, etc.), suppression of consciousness (keeping the masses as dull as possible and distant from awareness) through education (indoctrination), media to drill the idea in to keep us separated from each other. Also discussed-the awakening of the world’s population to this false reality, the future of our world with its obstacles staged by the network (financial systems, cultural norms, etc.). He’s also asked about the possible financial system changes coming up. He replies with the problem/reaction/solution of a world central bank when we’re confronted with a financial calamity (crashing the world’s economic systems with rising oil prices) so that a few bankers can dictate world finance through a microchipped population with a one world electronic currency. A possible third world war triggered by a Middle East event with China and Russia involved. The ultimate goal is to have  a one world control system so that a few families can call all of the shots. In 1994 he discussed NATO’s use in areas outside of their predefined North Atlantic area (Middle East) as a one world army.

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