Ray Kurzweil Speaks at Learning Without Frontiers Conference

In London, Ray Kurzweil discussed his vision of the next 25 years, where technology will “a billion times more powerful than it is today.” He discusses Moore’s Law and the exponential growth of computing power, as he has in his books. Moore’s Law states that computing power doubles every two years, which results in an exponential curve.  When this growth reaches its limits, due to the size of the semiconductor, the chips will become three dimensional, and Kurzweil said this will enable exponential growth billions beyond what we can currently understand.

He discussed the progress in medicine and the mapping of the human genome and how biology has become an information process and due to that, it will also be able to start its exponential increasing rate of technology.

He also discusses how manufacturing is now using 3-D printers to create actual objects, such as a violin that can be created and played from information sent by email.

Another subject found in his books, is regarding self-replicating machines and advancements in Artificial Intelligence. In the “The Age of Spiritual Machines” he talks about the nano-bots beings able to self replicate and implications that could result from that. We could use the nanotechnology to augment our own intelligence and that will keep us one step ahead of the machines.


Here’s a 2010 Time Magazine interview with Kurzweil:

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