Satanic Signs


David Icke and Charles Manson Related Theories

Interesting read that compares David Icke’s reptilian theory with Charles Manson’s Death Valley excursion. Icke claims these reptilians live underground that will come to surface to take over the world. Manson told his followers that he knew of a hole in Death Valley that would lead them to the center of the Earth. Could this hole be one of the entrances to the underground reptilian world? There is a similar theory in the Black Mountains of Australia-as seen on the Ancient Aliens show.

Peter Jackson Doc About West Memphis Three

Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings) has been working on a documentary about the West Memphis Three that will be called “West of Memphis.” It covers the story and exonerating of the three men/boys who spent the last 18 years in prison for the murder of the three eight year old boys. They were believed to have been taking part of satanic rituals when it happened.

Devil worshipping and Geraldo special videos

This message board has compiled several embedded youtube links from an older 20/20 documentary about devil worshipping, including some Geraldo Rivera clips discussing the issue.

300 stabs in satanic ritual Twilight UPDATE?

Jimmy Carr, from AZ, flew up to Milwaukee to meet Rebecca Chandler and ended up getting stabbed 300 times during a sexual ritual that was consensual apparently. Rebecca’s roommate Raven Larabee got involved and introduced duct tape, rope, and books bought from Hot Topic (tee-hee) about satanic worship and werewolves-hence the Twilight reference in the title.

Man stabbed 300 times in satanic ritual!!

AZ man stabbed 300 times over a period of time in satanic ritual. The news glosses over the satanic portion of this, but it’s there none the less.