Ron Paul Blasted Again

This one comes from All Seeing Eye News- CBS’ editorial opinion column. He reiterates how Ron Paul is a bigot and talks about these controversial newsletters that have Ron Paul’s name attached to them mysteriously. He links to the original write up he made in 2008 (see that has some pretty convincing talk about these newsletters and how they’re filled with anti-this and that. Of course, if you believe in the conspiracy of all of this you’d think they could make anything look pretty convincing, so it’s up to the reader. The current article talks about him being a frontrunner, almost as if it’s cheerleading an anti-Paul movement, filled with terms like “anti-Semitism” and “racist.” It also talks about his appearances on Alex Jones’ how (refers to him as “delusional”). The title of the argument refers to Paul as the “new Teflon candidate” akin to the Teflon Don, equating the two as criminals. These subtle little hints bury into your subconscious if you don’t look into the facts involved.


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