Apple’s Chinese iPod Factory Exposed

New York Times investigated the factory conditions at Foxconn in China, where Apple has its iPods and iPads assembled. The factory has become more renown as of late due to the talk of suicide protests and horrendous working conditions they are exposed to. This includes toxic cleaners used to clean the screens (with a higher evaporation rate than alcohol, so its quicker down the assembly line), explosions that have killed dozens, and hanging nets up alongside the building to catch any jumpers.

All of this is to support Apple’s $13 billion dollar profit in the last QUARTER. That’s only three months. How much profit does one need to make?

‘We’re trying really hard to make things better,’ one former Apple executive told the New York Times. ‘But most people would still be really disturbed if they saw where their iPhone comes from.

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  1. I heard about this last week, but haven’t had any free time to inform myself more. Thanks for posting!


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