Louis C.K. Gives Away Damn Near $1M

This has very little to do with anything on this website, but I’ve followed Louis C.K. for several years now. I’ve seen him live, got a picture with him, bought his DVDs, etc. and when I saw he was offering a $5 show I immediately bought it. Turns out, he brought in over one million dollars through his “grassroots” campaign. He ended up giving away almost all of it to charities (The Fistula Foundation, The Pablove Foundation, water, Kiva and Green Chimneys- he actually asked for ideas from his twitter followers on this), staffers, etc. He only kept $220K of the one million. Point is, this dude knows how to keep his head out of the “system” and remain in the one-consciousness attitude. If he had gone mainstream with a DVD release, HBO show, etc., more money would’ve went into the matrix pockets, but now there’s more money circulating among those that need it. Good on him. If you haven’t bought his show yet, head over to this site and pick it up, it’s for a good dude and it’s funny as hell.


And an article discussing how traditional media outlets should be scared of all of this…


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