Madonna Illuminati Superbowl Halftime

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As you could expect, you knew Madonna would be bringing all of the Illuminati symbolism with her. Vigilentcitizen does a decent write up here on it:

UPDATE: Here’s a better link for a better breakdown, via Icke’s site. It covers more of the Egyptian symbolism aspects, the letter “M” being everywhere, Crown of Hathor (Baphomet headdress), and more. It really is a great write up and they took their time to break it down.

And just ‘cuz, here’s a Mark Dice video talking about it. He is awful to watch though, I couldn’t sit through his stumbling around saying nothing for the first few minutes. If you wanna sit through it, here you go. I did get a good snicker about his discussion on how the “Stooper Bowl” was the most important thing in most people’s lives. Thank God I don’t have to listen to football at work for the next several months. And who the hell wants to watch something for the commercials? I guess there are a couple decent ones, but damn, I don’t wanna sit there and be manipulated to buy useless shit.

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  1. Orchard

     /  February 8, 2012

    Other symbollism, meanings: 13 minute video, number 13 significance? Cheerleaders shout RAH! RAH! Egyptian God significance. The letter M above MIA’s crotch. The animal prints worn by kittens Minaj and MIA. The colour red worn by MIA. I understand that an initiate must where red, or something like that, and must be subject to some type of humiliation in public. Does her flipping of the bird qualifY?

  2. Alli

     /  February 21, 2012

    Don’t you find it weird how they had those swords at the audience in the beginning? And also I was wondering, did those horns they were blowing, did they have a special meaning? This is disgusting. Then in her song she sings, “Music makes the people come together,” meaning we come together by her singing. No way that is just terrible. And what signs was lmfao putting up? And lmfao coming and then singing ‘Im Sexy and I know it’ and while they were signing madonna was lifting up their capes and that shows she’s the whore isis. This all makes SO much sense now. And with lmfao,nicki minaj, the other mia person idk and CeeLo Green in the show are they part of this ‘society’ too? About 10 min. into the show it looks like the football field is being sucked into a nothingless pit like they worlds being sucked by that portal they are talking about. This is scary. And her last song singing,

    “When you call my name its like home….When I’m on my knees…like I’m falling out of the sky.”

    Like a fallen angel right? And if it was a curse they were putting on…the whole country during the halftime show, what was the curse?


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