NEW Chariots of the Gods Film for 2012 Release

Erich von Daniken is working on a new release of a documentary that covers his best selling book of the same name- Chariots of the Gods. The quality will undoubtedly surpass the original film from the 70’s. I posted that original movie on the website a couple of weeks ago, it’s pretty rough. But here’s what interesting about this:

“The project portfolio consists of a theatrical feature film, a TV-documentary, video games, an arena live spectacle, theme parks & attractions and music.”

Theme parks?! Live spectacles?! That was taken directly from his website. The actual webpage for the COTG film requires a login, I’m not sure if they plan on opening that to the public or not. The website does say it is planned for release by the end of 2012.

As if it even needed to make things even awesome-r, it also says that Roger Moore (James Bond actor) will be the narrator!


Illuminati Symbolism Video

Just effin around on Youtube, found a compliation of Illuminati poses that has some I hadn’t seen before. Skip to 1:35 unless you want to read about this that and the other.

Chariots of the Gods Film

The film about Erich von Daniken’s book of the same name from 1970. Just in case you’ve never seen it.

God Bless America Trailer

The only relevance this has with this website is the influence of the establishment and how this guy cracks from it. Looks pretty intriguing though. It’s a red band trailer, so you’ve been warned if you’ve not been desensitized to all the other B.S. in our lives.

A Noble Lie- OKC Bombing Video Causing Controversy

The new documentary, A Noble Lie, is stirring up controversy. It takes a look behind what really happened in the Oklahoma City bombing done by Timothy McVeigh. This article talks about the controversy around a key figure in the video-Charles Key, an Oklahoma state representative who claims that it was a sting operation gone bad. Charles Key started an investigative group for the bombing, and has started a string of people disavowing their affiliation with the documentary.

New Prometheus Images

Illuminati and NWO Video

Better hurry before youtube censors this and shuts it down, they seem to love doing that now.

Nanotechnology Used in Star Trek Tricorder Medical Scanner

T-ray (terahertz) scanners would use diagnostic data to check for DNA and detect tumors noninvasely and on the spot. The t-rays are made through the use of nanotechnology, one of the emerging technologies that Ray Kurzweil writes about in our inevitable future.

Paradise Lost 3 to Air on HBO

There have been two documentaries prior to this one regarding the West Memphis Three-the three men accused of satanic ritually killing three young boys in Arkansas. These men were sentenced and spent several years in prison, only to appeal and finally have the rulings reversed in 2011. Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings director) is making yet another documentary about this also.

Sherlock Holmes Illuminati Symbolism