Giorgio Tsoukalos Presentation

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Giorgio (Ancient Aliens, Legendary Times) will be presenting at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 12th, 2012. He’ll be discussing some of the ancient astronaut theory stuff, read the link for the deets.


Ron Paul Factchecks

Ryan Grim over at Huffington Post examined two of Ron Paul’s claims from clear back in the 80’s (since Ron Paul’s newsletters from the 80’s have resurfaced recently). One article discusses Paul’s claims of the USA’s drug war being built from racist tones. The other discusses his accuracy in the C.I.A. ties with drug trafficking. The racist tones for the drug war were because of the unwelcome Chinese using opium, Latin-Americans using marijuana and African-Americans using heroin and opium. These were all legal at one time, and lawmakers decided to make them illegal, while leaving alcohol (their drug of choice) alone.

David Icke Law of Attraction Video

Compilation of Icke discussion on positive thinking and Law of Attraction.

Illuminati Watcher Theme Logo


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Thrive Documentary Review

I recently bought and watched Thrive, which was a pretty good documentary. Here’s the trailer if you haven’t heard of it:

If you’re familiar with these types of topics you’re most likely not going to be blown away by much in here, although there are some innovative views that I found worthwhile. Either way, it’s only a few bucks so it’s not a bad deal.

This documentary has many persuasive and rational people which is a nice change of pace from some of the more obscure, low budget films I’ve seen with similar material.

The main selling point of this film is the discussion of free energy, and its suppression from the public. The main points include the torus structure and the vector equilibrium which apparently relates to this hidden form of free energy.

The movie lacks to discuss exactly how this whole thing works besides some examples of scientists who have harnessed and built these free energy machines, only to be sabotaged by nefarious groups (see Eugene Mallove, Adam Trombley and Stanley Meyer). It seems that the claim is that we can pull the magnetic fields out of the space fabric and create energy with them. I’m not sure how this whole things work, or the theory behind, but from what I recall in college physics, there is a conservation of energy in the universe. This means that it can only change forms, not be created. Nothing can be more than 100% efficient for converting energy. But then again, I’m no scientist, and I’m definitely not a skeptic, so what do I know. One great thing I did take away was this possibility of a conspiracy theory on “free energy” and its suppression from oil, coal, and electricity industries.

The torus structure and 64 tetrahedron shapes are found everywhere in the universe (e.g. ancient worlds, flow of magnetic lines of flux, 2D versions of the 3D tetrahedron, etc.). Spheres drawn around tetrahedrons (all 64) create a shape found in Egypt, China fu dog statues (under their paws), Mayan calendar, Sumerian tablets, Cabalistic tree of life, and the Chinese I-ching.

The claim is that the ancient civilizations would have no other way to communicate this powerful energy other than drawing the shape for future generations to study.

Experts and high ranking/qualified individuals discuss the existence of UFOs.

Crop circles-again showing 2-D crop circle of 64 tetrahedrons and the torus shape.

Intriguing part about NASA response from 1974 digital transmission radio signal it sent out into space in anticipation of an alien response. In 2001 a crop circle was formed in response with a format that matched the original message.

Tesla and other inventors had free energy inventions that were also shut down. Tesla was shut down by J.P. Morgan-his financial backer. Morgan was the famous banker who controlled finances and industries in electricity. The movie tells how he owned the copper lines for electricity that would’ve been deemed worthless once Tesla’s free energy (which didn’t need transmission lines) was released.

All inventions were suppressed along with UFO discoveries because they’re all using this same free energy. There are too many elite with money invested in energy industries to allow the world to have free energy. There is over $200 trillion dollars in oil, coal, and electricity.

The documentary segues into a discussion on the food industry.

The Rockefeller family founded Standard Oil and became powerful through their associates (which includes J.P. Morgan) and now control the food industry too. They started the Green Revolution in the 1940s-1970s (a way of increasing agriculture so that we can feed the burgeoning world population) and pushed the agriculture system to use petroleum, single crops, and pesticides for a petroleum based agriculture. I’ve read books from Michael Pollan on this subject, and I agree with this part because biodiversity is being destroyed, and our water and food supply is being poisoned due to this Green Revolution. The organic industry was created from a acknowledgement of this problem.

Henry Kissinger once said-” Control oil and you control nations, control food and you control the people.” He’s a member of the Bilderberg Group and Bohemian Grove Club. No big deal.

The film then discusses the education and healthcare system, with their respective problems.

Rockefellers founded national education foundation to establish a school system, with the ultimate goal of fixed responses to authority (to obey and comply when a student is instructed to do so). The Rockefellers established the second and third medical schools in America (Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and Harvard School of Public Health). They also help fund the American Medical Association (AMA) to influence AMA decisions which will trickle down through all of the doctors and health care system. Most of the medical education today is actually funded by pharmaceutical companies, so the influence to have doctors simply prescribe pills to subdue any and all problems seems to be due to the training that they receive. The film also discusses some cancer cures that have  been shut down by the Journal of the AMA (see Dr Royal Rife).

All of these issues are controlled by finance. Finance is ruled by pyramid structure. This is all stuff discussed by David Icke in his lectures, nothing new really.

The film provides a great, simplified explanation of how banks operate. Banks use “fractional reserve lending” where the bank only needs 10% of the money they actually loan out. They are loaning out money that they don’t have. Bankers make money out of nothing, while the serfs work for it. It’s now a serfdom situation, where we are debt slaves to a financial elite in a rigged system. There is a nice interview with former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Catherine Austin Fitts where she explains the system. The Federal Reserve was formed by bankers on Jeckyll Island in Georgia, and were given control of the nation’s money supply. Nelson Aldrich helped establish this, and he has ties with J.P. Morgan and John Rockefeller (I see a theme here…). The idea was that they’re not supposed to be politically biased. But now insider bankers know all of data on what’s going on in the economy, and they use it to their advantage, like pulling their money out of the stock market prior to great depression and 9/11. The Federal Reserve is privately owned, and no government agency can overrule ANY of their actions. Here’s a link to a video that has some info on this topic:

I thought Thrive was pretty good, but it didn’t have a lot of original ideas. The clout of Foster Gamble allowed several high profile and trustworthy opinions to be inserted throughout, which was nice. It could’ve had a little bit more of David Icke, but at least he got a few minutes in there. In summary-it’s worth the few bucks it takes to watch it.

Zecharia Sitchin Expose/Documentary

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New video with some bold claims against Zecharia Sitchin and his reading of the Sumerian clay tablets and the ancient astronaut theories.

New David Icke Video

This video has his dialogue about the system and how crazy it actually is. Added dialogue from other sources also that are interesting. Icke’s been posting a lot of videos as of recent, all of which seem to be produced by fans or whoever, but this one is pretty good. Has a nice cameo of Carl Sagan.

Infowars Shopping Surveillance Article

Good writeup talking about the future/present of shopping and how we will all be tracked for sake of profit and predictive shopping/programming. “Shopper Management” is referred as the savior for corporations to know what and where to place products. RetailNEXT technology is discussed with security cameras, RFID, and joint venture with the government for biometric scanning of Americans and non-Americans. Europe has been monitoring their shoppers, although U.S. companies are hesitant to. Although they will surely follow suit since the article claims European companies are reporting a 20% increase in profit.

I must add a note of interest; I had a friend who lived in England for several years and back in the early 2000’s I spoke with him about their lifestyle and he spoke of how advanced their cell phone usage was. You did absolutely everything on the cell phone; e.g. check bank usage, pay for pizza to be delivered, etc. Perhaps they’ve used cell phone technology to monitor their users longer than we have.

Article link:

Here’s a video from the same article:

Alex Jones Talks NDAA Threat

Col. Roberts Talk OKC Bombing Conspiracy

Ret. Col. Craig Roberts discusses some of the questionable actions behind the OKC bombing and the possibility of the bombing being a false flag operation.

He’s plugging a new documentary covering the subject, “A Noble Lie.”