Five Newest Illuminati Sponsored Musicians

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This website says that the five newest to join the club are 2 Chainz (AKA Tity Boi), Lana Del Ray, Meek Mill, Brianna Perry, and unfortunately one of my faves, French Montana. Claims like these I keep on the backburner and see if they trend that way in the future. 2 Chainz did say on an interview he signed on with Illuminati, but who the hell knows anymore, these musicians use it to sell records at this point.


Charles Manson in Solitary Confinement

Manson was sentenced to 15 months of solitary because of his possession of an eyeglass frame that he was using for making crafts. He is now 77 years old and will most likely never see the outside of his jail cell. He is up for parole in April, 2012.

More information regarding the confinement and even a petition is here:

I’m not supporting the man, just posting the news because I find the case intriguing 🙂

New Sharon Tate Family Book

To piggyback off that last Manson post, there is a new book coming out next week written by Sharon Tate’s family. It addresses the Manson murders, but is mostly about Sharon. Here’s the plot line from Amazon:

The gruesome murders of the beautiful and talented actress Sharon Tate, her unborn child and four others that same night at the hands of the notorious “Manson family” rocked the nation. As one of the most horrific crimes in modern history, these atrocities, the trial and the subsequent conviction of Charles Manson and his followers caused a media sensation, spawning movies, documentaries and bestselling books, including the classic Helter Skelter. A defining moment in an era otherwise associated with radical peace, love and understanding, this incident is one that still resonates with millions today.

Yet while this crime left an indelible mark on society’s consciousness, it was, first and foremost, a shattering personal tragedy for those closest to Sharon—the loving family left to cope with the emotional devastation of her loss. Now, after nearly forty years, their story is finally revealed.

Compiled by close family friend Alisa Statman and Sharon’s niece Brie Tate, Restless Souls draws on a wealth of material including interviews with the Tates, personal letters, tape recordings, home movies, public interviews, private journals, and official documents to provide a powerful, poignant, and affecting four-decade, three-generation memoir of crime and punishment, anguish and hope, rage and love, that is both a chronicle of death and a celebration of life.

Extending beyond all previous accounts, Restless Souls is the most revealing, riveting, and emotionally raw account not just of these heinous murders, the hunt and capture of the killers and the behind-the-scenes drama of their trials, but of the torment victims families’ endure for years in the wake of such senseless violence.

Tate family members set the record straight, correcting media misinformation and delving well beyond the official storyline to provide information, much of it available for the first time. Intimate, honest, and heartfelt, Restless Souls remarkable details, including :

  • the dramatic role Sharon’s father, P. J., a retired army intelligence officer, played in finding his daughter’s murderers
  • the reaction P. J. had when he came face to face—alone—with Sharon’s convicted killer in a holding room during a parole hearing
  • the threats and menace that extended beyond prison walls, haunting the victim’s family for generations later
  • the fight Sharon’s mother, Doris, mounted to insure the rights of victims’ loved ones, particularly the right to make an ‘impact statement’ at parole hearings—a legacy that has helped keep dangerous criminals behind bars
  • the battles Sharon’s sister, Patti, waged with the entertainment industry as she tirelessly worked to prevent artists from glorifying her sister’s killers in music, art, and films

Told from the Tate’s extraordinary perspective Restless Souls offers a rare glimpse at the post-trauma survival of a family and their journey to find justice and ultimately, peace—a glimpse that couldn’t be more timely as Charles Manson comes up for parole again in 2012.

Metallica Song Meanings

Found this article, talks about the meanings to Metallica’s songs. I don’t know how much of this holds true or not, just thought I’d forward it on. Says that Metallica focuses primarily on death in their music (true, I gotta agree with that), than proceeds to discuss the lyrics and what their interpretation is. Though provoking if nothing else.

Ike Met Aliens on Holloman AFB

Author Timothy Good (has clout as a former U.S. Congress and Pentagon consultant) is making the rounds, claiming that he knew for fact that President Eisenhower met with aliens at least three separate times on Holloman AFB in New Mexico. At first they were Nordic aliens, then Greys. The comments happened on BBC2’s Opinionated show, hosted by Frank Skinner.

Charles Manson Play in Los Angeles

At the MET Theater in L.A. you can see a play that poses that Charles Manson might’ve been friends with Abigail Foldger. Here’s the description from the website:

Jill Charlotte Thomas’ new play California Dreamin’ explores the events leading up to the Manson family murders of 1969 and suggests a friendship between Charles Manson and coffee heiress and murder victim Abigail Folger. This alternative theory of what led up to the brutal attacks on 10050 Cielo Drive suggests that the killings may not have entirely random, that the attackers may have known their victims and that there was a cover-up to protect Folger’s reputation. MET Artistic Director L. Flint Esquerra directs the production.

Zak Bagans Ghost Adventures Interview

Zak Bagans discusses what we can expect from Season Six of Ghost Adventures.

“Now with Season 6 you’re gonna notice a lot more of us showing you what we didn’t show you in the earlier seasons – the efforts that we use in debunking things. Earlier on in the seasons we just wanted to present you all the unexplained shit that we heard and saw and felt. We didn’t want to take our twenty-two minutes and add in that extra minute to show you how we debunked some of the stuff. So now we are stepping up and showing more of the debunking process and the extra efforts that are going in to do as such. Like when we investigated the Perryville Battlefield (Season 5: Episode 8), we heard the cannon blasts so we brought the guy who was there with us over, and we found out that Fort Knox is just ninety miles away. So we had him call Fort Knox the next day to try and debunk whether or not their artillery department didn’t make those cannon blasts. It’s stuff that we have always done; we just never really showed it. So the new season we are showing you more of that process as well.”

Giorgio Tsoukalos Interview- Bridging the Gap

Giorgio will be interviewed by Bridging the Gap online radio on March 1st, 2012 at 8p.m. central time.

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Tour Peru With David Icke

This is a pretty amazing opportunity, if anyone goes to this I’d love to hear about it. No clue on the price, I’m sure it’s up there. My dog won’t allow me to go on any vacations so unfortunately I can’t go.

You’ll get to check out the ancient pre-Incan sites where it all started for Icke back in 1991. Includes Cuzco, Ollantaytambo, Machu Pichu, Sillustani, Tiwanaku, and the Kutimbu Tower of Fertility. A visionary named Mallku will be the spiritual guide and the tour is through the Positive Path group.


Steve Jobs FBI Probe

Steve Jobs was being considered for an appointment under George Bush and subsequently underwent and FBI background check. They found some unfavorable minor information, but what is interesting is that several friends said that he wasn’t the most honest person and that “Jobs will twist the truth and distort reality in order to achieve his goals.” Interesting, considering the image that Apple still pushes today with its trendy “zen-like” designs when they couldn’t be anything further from being ethically built at the sweatshop in China.–to-achieve-his-goals/2012/02/09/gIQAWJfU1Q_story.html