Nicki Minaj Grammy Performance

Nicki Minaj performed at the Grammy Awards (she’s officially a pop star now apparently). She came out with a pope figure and proceeded to act out an Exorcist theme. I don’t know how much of the demonic imagery (she levitates and mocks the Christmas song- “O Come All Ye Faithful”) is just to conjure up attention, but I do find it a bit odd how “mainstream” all of this has become to air on the Grammys like this. I’m leaning more and more towards thinking these are publicity stunts at this point. Although it was on the “all seeing eye” channel…

The link didn’t embed, but if you click it you’ll get the video.


Kanye and Jay-Z N*ggas in Paris Illuminati Symbolism

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I took some images from the video and displayed them below with the only theory that I could come to, hope someone can help me push this theory along.

After watching the new Kanye West and Jay-Z video, I expected to see an over abundance of pyramids and all seeing eyes. Here’s the video:

At first glance I didn’t see any of this, so I went through frame by frame since there are so many images that flash by quickly. I gotta tell you that I can’t find much, but there must be some link that I’m just not seeing yet. I noticed a lot of themes of reflection, which they say is a masonic and/or evil demon trait. I’ll share what I’ve found as clues and keep researching to see what else I can make of this tiger and panther theme they’ve got. Here’s what I found:

0:46- Eight pointed star. I’ll take this one and go with it later in this article… This star appears throughout entire video, you can see it several times.

0:54- Hand doing the devil horns thing, I’m not sold that this means a whole lot, but it’s a symbol of the devil none the less.

1:41- Panther

2:01- Jesus Christ. I’ll take this one and go with it later in this article…

2:13- Tiger

2:26- Tiger or Lion?

3:43- Panther

4:03- Pyramid. You know what’s up with this one already. I’m surprised there’s only one of these, honestly.

Ok, so as of this post, I can only comment on the Jesus and eight pointed star. I’ll try to come up with some correlations for the tiger and panther-if any one can help with that, please comment.

The eight pointed star was the symbol for Ishtar, the Babylonian goddess of fertility, war, love, and sex.

She descended into the underworld, died, and was resurrected three days later. Sounds familiar to the story of Jesus Christ.  Of course, there is argument over whether this is how the story goes or not, you can read an interesting breakdown on it here:

The eight pointed star also indicates two squares stacked on top of each other, with the meaning of control over all that is right and wrong, which is why you see it on some badges.

So this video disappoints if you’re looking for tons of Illuminati symbolism, but there does pose a link to the constant Illuminati worship of ancient religion and symbols. They are pushing this image of their anthropomorphistic transformation into these panthers and tigers. The pyramid is to be expected, but the 8 pointed star with Jesus image appear to be more subtle. Perhaps someone with more knowledge of the tiger and panther images could put together some pieces of this puzzle for a more clear picture of what message they might be trying to convey, ‘cuz after all, this is Jay-Z and Kanye West-two of the biggest contributors to Illuminati symbolism.

Illuminati Symbolism Video

Just effin around on Youtube, found a compliation of Illuminati poses that has some I hadn’t seen before. Skip to 1:35 unless you want to read about this that and the other.