Cannibal and Vampire Murderers Getting Married

I guess the fact that they’re getting married isn’t so crazy as their actual stories. The guy, Isakin Jonsson, had killed his girlfriend and ate parts of her head and body and proceeded to brag about it on the internet. The girl, Michelle Gustafsson is a satanic worshiping vampire who stabbed a man and drank his blood, then posed for a photo that found its way online with the blood and her holding a power saw and knife (I couldn’t find the photo-sorry). They’re in a psych unit prison in Sweden and plan on getting married while incarcerated.


Satanic Signs

Paradise Lost 3 to Air on HBO

There have been two documentaries prior to this one regarding the West Memphis Three-the three men accused of satanic ritually killing three young boys in Arkansas. These men were sentenced and spent several years in prison, only to appeal and finally have the rulings reversed in 2011. Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings director) is making yet another documentary about this also.

Tyler the Creator and OFWGKTA-Odd Future Satanism

Another good writeup-this time on Tyler the Creator.

As I was watching the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, I was in amazement when Tyler the Creator somehow won best new artist. As an avid listener of hip-hop music, I didn’t understand why this guy was so popular but I chalked it up to style differences. Since I know virtually nothing about him, I found this article quite interesting and explanatory as to his rise to fame. Check it out, images of decapitated unicorns (unicorns=Jesus), upside down crosses, etc.:

Despicable Me Illuminati Symbolism-Must See!

At first I was skeptical of this one a little bit, but once I started watching the breakdown it kind of sold me! Pretty interesting how I missed the whole one eyed concept. And the children being sacrificed, which has been surfacing more and more lately with the all the child abuse scandals in the news. Just peep it, you’ll find it interesting, most of the stuff is pretty good.