David Icke Left Brain Thoughts

The brain is made of two hemispheres and a corpus callosum that separates them down the middle. The left cerebral hemisphere is used for concepts like mathematics, language, and the storing and retrieval of facts. The right cerebral hemisphere is used for more abstract mathematics, the rhythm and emotion used in language, and more intuitive and holistic concepts (in the sense that it can understand the world as a whole and that everything interacts with each other). David Icke holds the belief that we’re purposely conditioned to use our left brain only. We all use both sides of our brain, but we all have a dominant side. Icke claims that the education system (he refers to it as an indoctrination system) reinforces the usage of the left brain through its testing process. It extends into the “real” world with its reward system. For example, if you want to buy nice cars, nice houses, go on vacations to exotic islands, you must earn money. To earn a lot of money you need to obtain a job that pays well. One way to do this is by going to school for several years and get into a professional career field (e.g. Physician, Lawyer, etc.). In order to be successful in school you must pass several exams at a high proficiency. After all, you’ll need to do well in order to get good grades and be given permission to attend the “good” universities. In order to pass an exam you must learn concepts, data, and facts, and then regurgitate them back onto the exam solution sheet. How do you learn and then dump facts back out? Through the left cerebral hemisphere. Therefore, the more you are indoctrinated/educated, the more you’ve conditioned your left brain to be the dominant half, and the reward is lots of cash. Icke suggests this is a calculated technique used by these Illuminati to control society. The technique uses advertisements, music, and other Illuminati ran manipulations to keep us in a fog as to what is truly important in life and simply focus on making money. He says that if we’re locked into the left hemisphere, or trained to use that side predominantly, then the less likely we’d be in touch with our right brain. This right brain is the one that will allow us to tap into our potential to be one consciousness. This one consciousness is the only way we can break free from this “matrix” program that we are living in.

SOOOO, I’ve kind of buried this idea in the back of my head for some time now, and today I’ve found something that supports this idea that didn’t come from a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. Ironically, in my graduate studies (I’m paying good money to be “indoctrinated”) I’m reading this book that discusses bits of philosophy tied with problem solving techniques and here’s what I found (I’ll paraphrase to cut out some of the terminology in the book):

Recent studies in Biology have found that homo sapiens are only one of very few organisms that have specialized our brains to the extent that we have. To illustrate this point, the book points the following example out: The degree to which we are right-handers (70-90% of us are) shows how we’ve adapted/specialized our left brains. Chimpanzees aren’t even close to us, only half of them are right handed. This adaption/specialization of the left brain allowed us to develop the potential for language, which is in the left hemisphere also. When language had taken hold, it rapidly connected large parts of the left hemisphere and simultaneously confiscated the areas of the brain that performed spatial skills. Spatial skills include the ability to understand how shapes fit together (a more abstract idea).

This basically supports Icke’s theory that our left brains have been strengthened. Whether or not it was for nefarious reason is still up for debate.

Interestingly enough I researched spatial skills online and found that those with low spatial visualization abilities aren’t as efficient at “talking” to a computer. Could all of this be done on purpose to try and push forward a transhumanism or robotic movement? Perhaps Icke is correct in the idea that we’re being trained to use our left brain only and therefore less able to communicate with the pervasive technology all around us so that eventually in the end game all that is left to rule this world are the robots and reptilians while a handful of humans stick around to do their bidding? Are the Illuminati trying to dumb down our race to allow the robots/computers to supersede our place on this planet after they’ve used us for all we’re worth?

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