Comet Elenin was a Borg Cube to Kill

This conspiracy theory is a bit out there, but it claims the Comet Elenin that passed by in October 2011 (NASA says it broke up and poses zero threat now) is actually a perfect cube, resembling the one seen in Star Trek. Also this cube will be the harbinger of death (which is at odds with the claim that NASA saw the comet break up already…). Then this article goes into the fact that it is actually Planet X (which goes into some of Icke’s stuff about the return of the Annunaki but that isn’t mentioned there). This cube has a Galactic Obliteration Device on it and they’re going to use it on us. I’m not familiar with Star Trek at all, but here’s the article if you want to make any more sense out of this one:

And another article that makes slightly more sense:

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