Florence + The Machines symbolism from “No Light, No Light” video breakdown

This video is loaded up with Illuminati symbolism. Note that there is a link between Illuminati, masonic, and satanic rituals so I’ll jump back and forth between them.

First off, the video has juxtaposition of a masonic temple and a church, which is a common theme when viewing any Illuminati symbolism. They like themes of reflection and comparison and do this frequently. Overall, the video seems to convey the internal battle that Florence has between good and evil. Perhaps she’s signed on to this Illuminati cult and traded in her soul for fame and now is forever in debt to the Illuminati, even though she wants out now. At the end of the video she jumps into the church to break free from the bond, and dies in the process since that is the only true way out for her now. Take a look at my image comparisons if you don’t believe me:

Masonic temple because the man is sitting in a masonic chair:

Note the top of the chair’s sun that is a common theme in masonic temples (Illuminati=illuminated ones=sun’s illumination).

Now, this segues into the checkerboard floor that is found in all masonic temples

You can see this throughout the video through the classic black and white floor shots:

And other more covert checkerboard themes embedded elsewhere in the video. Masonic symbolism loves these right angles, take a look:

And then we’ve also got the infamous Masonic right angle:

This is found on the checkerboard pattern, and elsewhere in the video:

And note the time on the watch hand is at a right angle at 6:15:

You can also see the chains that symbolize the bond/pact she has with the Illuminati. She is breaking these chains by dying. Note the chains are also gold, another Illuminati mainstay. They believe gold symbolizes the sun with its characteristics.

The video features a crystal skull and skulls are important in the Illuminati run Skull & Bones secret society:

And the crystal skull was sought by the Knights of Templar (also Illuminati) because they collected skulls:

Note the birdcage on her middle finger. That birdcage symbolizes Florence being “trapped” by this pact she has made.

Another Illuminati theme found in the video is one of steps. The Masons symbolize using steps because they believe that you must move upward in their group, one step at a time. There are several levels before you reach the top. The illuminated ones are at the top of the pyramid:

Here’s the steps found in the video. The director couldn’t have possibly coincidentally shot this with all of these buildings right there with the steps architecture:

And last but not least we have the imagery of the black veil. A black veil symbolizes secret sin and the dark side of human nature. At the beginning of the video she is covered with it, but at the end she has it lifted through death.

Now she’s dead, and free from the pact:

We’ve seen this black veil elsewhere, who could it be??… None other than Lady Gaga, someone notorious for Illuminati symbolism.

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  1. Have you ever heard of a coincidence?
    Seriously, if the Illuminati wanted to bring about the New World Order, they would have done it by now. They’re all for saving the World and what not, in case you haven’t noticed the world has turned to shit and before you start calling me ignorant and what have you, I’ve researched this probably more than you ever have in your entire life. Reading articles over the net and watching youtube videos doesn’t count.

    Here’s a doozy for you! Hack this, become a member and let me know how it goes for you! http://illuminati-order.com/IO-Membership.asc

  2. CWR

     /  April 15, 2012

    Excellent work.. been noticing a wealth of similar symbolism in F&tM vids. Keep up the good work and be sure not to overlook the effect the frequencies and chords used in each song and music in general have that may heighten or augment any visual stimulation.


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