David Icke on Infowars Recap

November 11th, 2011, David Icke went on Alex Jones’ Infowars show.

Here are the cliff notes:

Icke starts off with his usual background information for any newbs. He breaks down the child sacrifice and cosmic vampire theories. It basically goes like this: there are four ways that the universe conveys information. Vibrational (waveforms), electrical, digitally (which I might argue is sort of like electrical, but perhaps he was referring to some other form of binary, on/off scheme), and holographic (illusory). The holographic information is what we mostly use as human beings, which goes along with Icke’s matrix world theory in which we are all living in an illusion of sorts. Now with these four forms in mind, think about how we obtain energy as humans. We eat food, which have inherent energy from the sun. Icke argues that the dark entities (reptilian shape shifters that secretly rule this world-if you’re not familiar with Icke then this might be a bit extreme but if you read the literature he’s got it makes a little bit more sense) obtain their energy through dark rituals. One of these being feeding off of the fear of children. They can absorb children’s energy via abuse. They require the “feeding” of energy to occur pre-pubescent, because the hormone changes in a child haven’t happened yet, which apparently alters this energy and renders it somewhat less useful to the dark entities. This feeding of energy is where the term of cosmic vampires comes from. They discuss the current Penn State child abuse scandal and claim they are involved in this dark ring also. Alex glosses over the government’s role in this through the Child Protection Service (CPS) and how they steal people’s children for any frivolous little reason. Icke claims the Son of Sam murderer David Berkowitz admitted how his murders were the bidding of this network of evil doers. Icke then segues into some of his regular routine and discusses the symbolism and how religions are all repeating the same stories about fallen angels, which are demons, which are the dark entities Icke’s talking about.

Icke mentions a new book coming out in January called “Remember Who You Are” (I just barely finished his other ginormous book “Human Race Get Off Your Knees” which was great).

They discuss radiation exposure and how we used to have no “safe” levels but now there are “safe” levels of radiation according to the government. The government is attempting to change our atmosphere through the use of chemical trails and geo engineering. Alex claims White House Science Czar admitted to chemtrailing operations. Part of the reason for this altering of the atmosphere is because the dark entities was a reduction in population and they also need to change the composition of it for them to have it to their liking. HAARP is punching holes in the ionosphere to allow cosmic radiation in. Icke reminds us that the movie The Arrival was about aliens who have taken over NASA and attempt to change the atmosphere so they can better adapt. Icke has previously discussed parallels of Hollywood to real life.

Alex Jones goes on a diatribe about how people in power and authority abuse it because they get off on it. They discuss network of children abusers and how they’re running it like a corporation and America is doing Rothschild family’s bidding (at this point Icke reminds us that he doesn’t believe that Jewish people are evil, but the cabal running this operation of the Rothschilds does in fact come from Israel and they seek to manipulate Jews also-Icke has been careful to dance around this issue due to drawing criticism that he is anti-semetic). They are pushing for World War Three so that the people give more power over to a one world order.

My opinion:

There is something very wrong and dark about abusing children in this manner. I have no doubt that there must be some requirement of a “dark passenger” (shout-out to Dexter) for someone to do these things. Many ancient cultures sacrificed children, and there must be a reason for this to not be obsolete to this day. Alex sounded a bit radical-right wing with some scare tactics involved. Part of the reason I don’t love Alex Jones as much as the other theorists. I’d have to look up this chemtrail talk in more detail, I haven’t been able to substantiate much on it yet. I’m curious to see what this new book could possibly be about, Icke had plenty to say in his last book, which I highly recommend.

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